Lester's Oil Advanced (Gold)

High-strength multi-ingredient oil

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A more advanced multi-ingredient oil. Lester's Oil Advanced (Previously called Lester's Oil Gold) supports the heart, joints and with a higher DHA concentration the brain as well. This formula also contains phospholipids to aid absorption. It essentially replaces a whole shelf of a pharmacy in a single supplement!

*Includes 3 x Lester's Oil Gold 60s (equivalent to 3 months supply)

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    Lester's Oil Advanced (Gold)
    Lester's Oil Advanced (Gold)

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    Lester's Oil Advanced (Gold)


    • Buy 2 with 16% discount each


    Healthy Oil-based products are extremely important as they can reach parts of our bodies that other products simply cannot. Inside is a bright orange liquid that contains eight different supplements, in most cases without compromise, providing the best all-round Omega-3 based multi oil supplement you can get.

    The orange colour comes from the extremely bright ingredients such as CoQ10—bright orange, and the natural astaxanthin, which is bright red. These naturally bright coloured substances are very powerful antioxidants and like bright coloured vegetables, very good for you. Our ingredients are not included in ‘token’ doses; they are included in real doses— similar to what you find in individual products on pharmacy or health store shelves. It is literally like a whole shelf of products in a single daily dose.


    Lester's Oil Advanced naturally supports 

    •    Joint Health
    •    Heart Health
    •    Brain Health
    •    Eye Health
    •    Skin Health
    •    Healthy Cholesterol 
    •    Normal Blood Pressure
    •    Memory
    •    Cellular Structure 

    The list goes on and on because we chose the ingredients that have the most research and include them at real doses, it’s a very long list of benefits. We believe this is the best oil product you can buy on the market; it was tough to get everything to fit. We had to source speciality ingredients. Healthy Oil-based products are essential as they can reach parts of our bodies that other products simply cannot. Remember, our brains are m of fats. 

    It may look like any other capsule - but it’s not. Inside is a bright orange liquid that contains eight different supplements, almost without compromise, providing the best all-round Omega 3 based supplement you can get. 

    We said without compromise, and we meant it. The ingredients are not included in ‘token’ doses; they are included in real doses - similar to what you find in individual products on pharmacy shelves. It is literally like a whole shelf of products in a single daily dose, and below is how we can achieve this.

    We achieve all these ingredients, in most cases at the same or better doses than you would buy individually with a bit of supplement ‘real estate’ magic because obviously …capsules have only a certain amount of space.

    The secret is this; most of the space in retail products (tablets, capsules and soft gels) is not the active ingredient you are looking for. It is in fact ‘excipients’ which includes bulking agents, binders, fillers and other neutral ingredients necessary to keep the product capsule, tablet or soft gel in the form that it is created in.

    For instance, 1000IU vitamin D tablets (the maximum dose you can buy in New Zealand) the vitamin D takes up a tiny amount of the tablet, in fact, you could increase the amount by 50 times and still use the same size tablet!

    Most retail products also use cheap, low concentration ingredients, such as fish oil with only 30% omega-3, the other 70% is effectively wasted. We gain a lot of space by using speciality omega-3 oils that contain a much higher concentration of the critical ingredients -DHA and EPA; most companies don’t sell these as they are cost-prohibitive when you are selling essentially the same commodity ingredient as the brand next door on retail shelves. But they are also much higher quality, and using them takes up less space so we can fit all the other ingredients.

    So, that’s how we do it, it's all about the quality and concentration of the raw ingredients and figuring out how best to maximise the capsule real estate available. It costs more for our ingredients because they are of higher quality and stronger.

    Good for

    joint health icon

    Joint mobility

    brain health icon

    Brain health

    Heart Health

    Heart & vascular health

    healthy mood icon

    Healthy mood

    eye health icon

    Eye health

    skin health icon

    Skin health

    cholesterol support

    Healthy cholesterol

    memory icon


    general health icon

    General health

    gmo free icon

    GMO free

    high strength icon

    High strength

    This is one of the key benefits of taking Lester’s Oil Advanced, instead of opening seven bottles every morning, and 7-10 capsules each morning, it is in a single bottle and just two easy to swallow soft gels. It is also important to remember that most of the doses of each ingredient are the same or more than what you would buy in shops as a single product by themselves, providing a single product that can replace a whole shelf of products at a pharmacy.

    Product Type

    Soft gel

    Lester's Oil Gold


    Serving size: 2 capsules

    Servings per pack:30

    Packs per 3-month supply: 3


    Active ingredients in Lester's Oil Advanced

    Each soft gel contains:
    Purified fish oil esters 1080mg
    DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) 344mg
    EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) 269mg
    Total omega -3 fatty acids 650mg
    Co-enzyme Q10 75mg
    Natural astaxanthin 2mg
    Natural lutein 3mg
    Natural zeaxanthin 0.82mg
    Vitamin D3   500IU
    Phosphatidylcholine 17.5mg
    Phosphatidylserine 30mg
    Vitamin E (mixed tocotrienols/natural vitamin E mixture) 300mcg  

    Excipients: Beeswax, gelatin & glycerine soft gel, non-synthetic colouring.

    Contains soy. Does not contain gluten or dairy. 


    Take 2 soft gels daily. For best results take the two soft gels in the morning with food or as advised by your health professional.

    Store in a cool, dry place


    • Fine to use with low-dose aspirin.
    • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding consult with your health professional.
    • Stop using the products 2 weeks before and after surgery.
    • If you are on strong blood-thinning medications, please consult your health care professional. 
    • This is a low-allergy formula with no known adverse interactions or contraindications.
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