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Lester's Oil contains a number of nutrients that are suspended in the oil base, they are not completely soluble and these can sometimes settle to form opaque objects within the capsule; these are quite normal and safe to consume. We recommend that you store your Lester's Oil in a cool dark location - the fridge is a great place particularly over summer. This will increase the likelihood of solidification of some of the ingredients and you may find that over time some of the other capsules also take on this appearance, again this is quite normal.

Lester's Oil should not give you much, if any, reflux at all, as we use a very high quality oil compared to most brands. We make Lester’s Oil on a regular basis, so it will always be fresh and we stand behind every bottle with our 100% money back guarantee.

It is always prudent to inform your Doctor when you start a new supplement, particularly if you are taking medication. If your GP is not familiar with the ingredients in any About Health products he can contact us via email.

Yes, we don’t sell everything under the sun, but try and cover as many bases with our products as possible. Each supplement has a different method of action and different benefits. They are formulated to be used together.

The proteins which cause a reaction in individuals allergic to pine nuts are not present in pine bark. However, if you have a severe nut allergy, we don't recommend taking Res-V.

It is a personal preference for the customer, as some people experience nausea after taking supplements. However, we don't recommend taking Res-V® with a high-fat meal due to possible negative affects on bioavailability

Due to insufficient data relating to the ingredients in Res-V and pregnancy/breast feeding we DO NOT recommend women taking Res-V during pregnancy or while breast feeding.

We do not recommend exceeding the recommended daily doses of our products. You may also want to try our new resveratrol formula - Res-V Ultimate as it contains 78% more of the key ingredients found in Res-V Plus

There is no definitive time frame within which we can say Res-V will have a positive impact on each individual, because personal health and lifestyle factors play major roles in each person’s wellbeing. Generally speaking however, our customers report benefits from as little as three weeks and up to three months after taking Res-V.

The fish oil in Lester’s Oil is a purified, concentrated oil. We have every batch of Lester's Oil lab tested in New Zealand and any mercury remaining is below detection limits.



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Please email your details to us at and we'll get back to you with some more information

While these supplements are generally fine to use with low dose aspirin, strong blood thinners listed above can be enhanced by certain supplements. Many supplements (and foods) can have this effect, so its best to ask your GP or specialist. Read our more detailed article on this subject here:

Yes, this is fine.

Lester’s Oil is beneficial for skin health and appearance. A little known fact about Omega-3 is that it's important for skin health as well. Lester’s Oil also contains several other key ingredients and we have had a lot of positive feedback from customers delighted with improvements in their skin, hair and nails. Read our customer testimonials for yourself -

Fish Oil is known to support healthy cholesterol levels. Lester’s Oil contains a very high quality fish oil with twice the Omega-3’s of normal, bulk standard fish oil.